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Our Experience

Educational Facilities

Near-Cal understands that the future of education is changing, and we are here to help our clients make the best use of funds to build schools that support their entire learning communities. Whether it is a classroom renovation or adding an auditorium, Near-Cal is ready to collaborate for success and to keep the campus safe and secure during the school year.



Near-Cal is emerging as a leader in the self-storage niche.



As a mid-range builder with strong retail experience, we have the experience needed to cater small clinics and retail medical spaces to unique specifications. We are the Healthcare TI contractor in the Inland Empire.

Native American

Charter Schools

Our ability to develop strong human connections in a responsible and high integrity institutional environment make Near-Cal a place where First Americans can expect the best results for their community projects and investments.



Near-Cal specializes in developing strong and close client relationships. For wineries, close relationships make possible the finesse needed to localize and commercialize, two essentials for winery facilities.


Near-Cal roots are retail. Our resume includes multi-unit shopping centers, Kohl’s, WalMart, Lowes, and grocery stores. Leadership has over fifty years of combined retail experience, and this growth makes us top builders due to the ability navigate the multiple interest groups, the various regulation and licensing requirements, and specific tenant needs.


Our growing resume in theaters and auditoriums provides us with the experience to ensure your entertainment complex gives the best user experience and stands above the competition.