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Vienza Wine Cave

The Cave-82The Cave-82
The Cave-85The Cave-85
The Cave-100The Cave-100
The Cave-114The Cave-114
The Cave-136The Cave-136
The Cave-166The Cave-166
The Cave-302The Cave-302
The Cave-290The Cave-290
The Cave-287The Cave-287
The Cave-237The Cave-237
The Cave-225The Cave-225

Additional information

Temecula, CA

7,513 sq. ft.

Project Highlights

  • Vienza Wine cave is the first phase of the Vienza winery
  • The main level is 7,513 sq. ft.
  • Several rooms for wine tasting and private dining
  • Over the top of the wine cave is the belvedere deck for outdoor wine tasting
  • The area in front of the cave is perfect for outdoor special events